Good Vibes


The Mind wanders space is the limit
Full speed ahead light in the distance
Is Time ticking, Money is Money
Get use to the darkness, its your armor powered by the mission
Nothing s impossible conquer that beast to ttame the hunger
Let it eat it can fast while you slumber
The aim is high Get to the point then pass it
Patient turle movig slow as molasses
It taste wonderful during the capture
Next thing you know what really matters



The sun shines
The warmth provides, Something else subsides
As the time fly, the essence guides
The flow of light and feeling
Turns the mind to ocean waves
The moon pulls it away, uncovers great mysteries
That are still in place
Front row view something, so great



Does the sky ever meet outer space
where the stars are shining down like the sun at night
the mmoon gives a different view for only a few
major news will happen when the ship launches
adventure begins agains but only after the planet heals the amn
so where is the start and finish
only thing matters is between to get the best end